Red Hook VFW Post 7765 - Veterans Helping Veterans

The post's Veterans Assistance Platoon (VAP) is offering free service to any local veteran or family of a veteran who needs food and supplies picked up and delivered to their home. 
We are particularly concerned about our older veterans and families who need any kind of assistance with this service.
Covering Red Hook, Tivoli, Milan, Rhinebeck and surrounding local area, services will be dependent on and scheduled based on VAP personnel availability. 



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In collaboration with the VFW Post #7765, Red Hook, Heroic Food will be offering a series of Honeybee workshops at the VFW Red Hook Post this year.  Heroic Food is a nonprofit, military veteran agricultural training program. The classes and materials are free of charge to military veterans and their immediate families. See the flyer below for details.

Please click here to register for the workshops.

I have included additional information below about The Honeybee Project and about Heroic Food itself. 

Lisa Baker
Heroic Food, Chief Officer
(845) 242-4200


Heroic Food is excited to announce that it will be launching the Honeybee Project in March of 2022. Veterans, their children and spouses will learn the life cycle of the honeybee and biology, the basics of beekeeping, assemble a honeybee hive, learn how to install honeybees in the Spring, and maintain the hive on a local farm! The Veteran family will have many opportunities to care for the Honeybee Project hives and receive mentorship from local beekeepers.  This Project will increase the amount of pollinators in our area, offer Veterans and their families the knowledge to become beekeepers and even possibly provide opportunity for entrepreneurship of honeybee products, like honey and pollen. One Langstroth honeybee kit will be supplied to up to ten Veteran families and a Spring nuc of live honeybees.  The Langstroth honeybee kit comes with all of the components to successfully get started raising honeybees.  The Project will offer three workshops on the Basics of Beekeeping between March and June.  The workshops will focus on Honeybee Biology, the  Life Cycle, Honeybee Nutrition, Honeybee Characteristics, the parts of a Langstroth hive and we will assemble them. The June workshop will be in the field and will be a hands-on opportunity to identify the proper location of the hive, installation of honeybees and how to care for them. The last workshop will be in the Fall and will teach how to winterize a hive. 


Heroic Food is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Dutchess County, New York, offering agricultural training to U.S. military veterans, their children and spouses.  Educational opportunities are provided in a hands-on environment, in order to encourage sustainability, cohesiveness and to strengthen the veteran family’s understanding of and commitment to the agricultural endeavor. Farming careers and/or agricultural entrepreneurship for military families are the vision of Heroic Food.  Following in the footsteps of various youth education programs like the 4H and the National FFA, providing specific opportunities for our youth from military families exposes them to agricultural concepts that may plant a literal seed in their minds, therefore establishing a desire to pursue farming careers after they transition back into civilian life.  Past programs have included mushroom growing, beekeeping, welding, greenhouse growing, soil science, livestock management, and dairy farming.  Heroic Food has also deployed veterans and their families to local schools to help build greenhouses and gardens. These community projects are another opportunity to expose our youth to sustainable agricultural principles and encourages them to become stewards of the land.  A collaboration with the Red Hook VFW and the Northern Dutchess Beekeepers Club will provide a network of mentors, support and resources for the Veteran families for our new Honeybee Project, beginning in March of 2022.

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